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Ampola House 1970

Ampola House 1970

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Amapola House stands on ancestral land that has been owned by the same family since the times of the Spanish Main. Amapola House is the culmination of a vision that began several generations ago. It was a simple vision: a strong and safe house, with enough space for a family. That dream was strongly held by Amelia Avilés, of Rincón, Puerto Rico, who as a young campesina in the 1920's, loved the land that she lived on as much as she loved her family.

 Amelia held on to her vision, even during the tough times of economic depression, a world war and family fragmentation caused by economic emigration- but she never got to see it fully realized. Her vision was not forgotten by a loving grandson, who to honor her memory, chose to call the newest Avilés home "Amapola House", after the beautiful hibiscus flowers that bloomed in Amelia's garden. For more, view an excerpt of our special coffee table book, The Amapola House Story.  

  A remodeled version of Amelia's old house still stands on the original pilings. Amapola House was built nearby, at the site of her eldest son's home, which was demolished after being severely damaged by termites.

 Amapola House is a four-level home that includes four bedrooms, three bathrooms, a Starlight Veranda, a vast rooftop ocean-view Sky Terrace with a jumbo spa, plus recreation and utility levels. 

Amapola House contains a gallery of never-seen photographs of Old Rincon, going back several generations. It also contains heirloom antiques, including a mahogany and rock-glass mirror that has survived for almost 100 years. It was found under Amelia's old house by its new owners, who graciously returned it to the Avilés family. The mirror had been damaged by the ravages of time and prolonged exposure to the elements and was carefully restored by Amelia's grandson and placed in a prominent place at Amapola House.

The Amapola House collection of vintage historic photographs goes back to 1898 and shows life in Rincon as a sleepy fishing village, a sugar cane farm town and eventually as a world-class surfing and ocean paradise for visitors of all ages. 

The 1968 World Surfing Championship is a legendary landmark in surfing history and for Rincon. It was the first time that the short board was introduced in serious competition and the last time that surfers represented their country instead of corporate sponsors. The competition also put Rincon and its surfing beaches on the map. Rincon is now known as the Surf Capital of the Caribbean. Surfer Barry Church not only competed in Rincon '68, he was also commissioned by a surfing magazine to take pictures of the event, which were to appear in Life Magazine. Today, these historical photos are considered the most valuable record of the event and have been exhibited at special showings in museums and other venues, from Rincon to California. Amapola House contains the largest local private collection of the Barry Church '68 surfing photos for the exclusive enjoyment of our guests, who can also enjoy viewing a rare personal copy of the digitally remastered ABC Wide World of Sports coverage of the '68 Rincon World Surfing Championship on HD DVD.

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